Electric nail files
, also known as nail cutters, are indispensable tools for every nail technician. It can be used for refill, product removal and manicure. Each step takes a lot of time and effort to get done but it can make your life easier and reduce your maintenance time to minutes by using it skillfully. While they require some prior training and safety precautions, they aren't too difficult to use and you can even take them home to get a professional manicure done. How do you prevent major damage when using an electric nail file? Let's take a look at the checklist below.

How to use the electric nail file safely and correctly? When you get your new nail drill you must be very excited and excited to hit the power button and start using it. STOP! It is necessary to read the instructions carefully first and thoroughly understand how it works, especially if it is your first time trying one out. You must have heard or seen horror stories about toe curling clips or disasters like that. You need to know how to operate these machines safely at high speed, after all, electric nail drills are always powerful and accidents are easily caused by carelessness. Once you've set up your nail file and kept in mind all the important instructions for safe operation, all you need to do is practice. Try the following tips and with more patience and practice you can be a pro in no time!

  • Use a low speed for the cuticle
  • Use a medium speed for fills
  • Use a high speed on the nail surface

How to choose the right electric nail drill for safe use? High quality is the guarantee of safety, so it is worth choosing a better quality electric nail file. It will help you avoid doctor visits! Here are tips and checklists for you to choose the right model that you can use easily, comfortably and safely.

1. Feel the power

The rotation speed per minute, also known as RPMs, is the most important characteristic to consider. Whether you are going to use an electric nail file for your natural nails or acrylic nails, the higher rated models, which are normally between 0-35. 000 RPM countries, will not only better meet your needs, but also save your time. The Naera E101 Nailer has been updated for professionals: it's a true 35 nailer. 000RPM You can feel the power when you operate the speed controller. It can perfectly meet your demand for natural nail care (15. 000 rpm) OR artificial applications/deletions (at least 25. 000rpm)

2. Choose one with low vibration

Vibration, noise and heat are important considerations when purchasing electric nail files. High vibrating files can damage your client's nails as well as your wrist and arm. Remember that holding a router with high vibration, noise and heat for an extended period of time will be a pain to work on your clients hands and toes! The Naera E101 Electric Nail File, equipped with an updated high-quality bearing-coreless motor ensures that this electric nail file works smoothly even at high speed. Ultra-smooth operation with less heat and less noise, you can hardly feel the vibrations.

3. Does it have forward and reverse rotation?

Doing manicures and refills means working forwards and backwards. With the nail bits rotating both ways, you can work in different directions without keeping the client's hand in a twisted position. Moreover, it is more convenient and safe!

There is an F-Forward and R-Reverse button on the Naera E101 Nailer, which means that you only need one movement to change direction change. Perfect for left-handers and right-handers.

4. Light handpiece is better:

Working with a heavy handpiece will greatly reduce productivity as you will feel uncomfortable and unable to work for a long time. In addition, your hands and wrists will hurt after a long working day with such a heavy handpiece, which drastically increases the risk of accidents during nail work.

The Naera E101 nail cutter is made of a special aluminum alloy material and is super light: 250 grams for the handpiece. It ensures that your hand will not get tired after long time use. It is compact enough to pack in your travel bag or suitcase, so you can enjoy the DIY nail art anytime, anywhere.

5. Proper Nail Bits
Make sure you choose a nail bit that is compatible with a standard shank diameter 2.35mm bit size. You need a lot of different bits to work with over time. An electric nail file that can handle standard size files will make it much easier and safer to find replacement bits in the future.

Of course, for safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you choose high quality nail cutters, as the higher quality cutters are more focused on safety considerations in terms of material selection and product design. It means that a high-quality nail cutter with nail bits will not only greatly improve your work efficiency, but also drastically reduce the chance of accidents.

6. Warranty is guaranteed!

Sometimes things go wrong: to protect your purchase, make sure your electric nail file has a minimum warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase. If you run into problems during that time, you don't have to spend a lot of money repairing nail cutters or buying a new one if something goes wrong.

The Naera E101 Nailer has a full 12 month warranty and a 14 day money back guarantee. See this page for details.

Always ensure proper hygiene for safety

After choosing the right electric nail file and learning how to use it safely, you may be excited to start your nail journey. Using a nail file is fun, but always remember to properly sterilize your nail cutters and bits no matter how busy you are. It can cause serious infections without clean tool hygiene, especially if you are going to be using the router on more than one pair of hands. One of the best and most efficient ways to sterilize your tools is to use acetone.

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