Remember that nails are the most important part of hands, nail care is also the most important part of hand care. Speaking of manicure, you might think of a long and beautiful nail with variance nail arts. However, beauty is diverse and so is manicure. Some women prefer a natural hand and nail look. This time we tell you how to create the best natural hand and nail look.

1. Trimming long nails
Leave a little distal edge on the top of your nail. Remember to wear UV shield gloves to avoid the damage from the coming UV nail lamp.

2. Remove dead skin
Connect 1 of Naera's nail cutters. Turn the speed to "03" and slowly move the pieces along the cuticle to remove dead skin. Naera nail cutters are suitable for both left and right handed users. It has a button to change the spin from forward to reverse.

3. Shape the rim
Use the same nail bit to square or round the distal rim. Move the bit along the edge to smooth it.

4. Remove dust with a dust brush
Clean nail dust with a nail dust brush. If you don't want dust flying everywhere, we recommend a dust vacuum cleaner that will give you a dust-free home.

5. Applying base coat
Base Coat is a transparent nail polish. Its main function is to make your nail polish adhere firmly to your nails. This will help prevent peeling and chipping. It also protects your own nail against discoloration by nail polishes.

6. Curing the base coat
Use a UV heat lamp.

7. Apply natural color nail polish
Apply light color nail polish and cure for “30sec”. Then apply it again and cure it again. Two coats of nail polish make for a better look.

8. Top-coat apply
Top-coat ensures that the color lasts longer. If you combine a long-lasting nail polish with a top coat, it can even last for seven days. Topcoats can also help prevent UV rays from damaging the color and protect against water and other things your hands regularly touch.

Please note, there are 2 types of top coat. One gives your nail a shiny look. The other provides a matte look.

9. Apply cuticle oil
Cuticle revitalizing oil can nourish, moisturize and protect the cuticle and nails. These are available in bottles and pen form.

10. Moisturize your hand with hand cream
Last but not least, apply a hand cream. We advise you to apply hand cream every time after washing your hands. It has moisturizing elements that soften the skin, cuticles and nails.

11. Enjoy soft and clean hands
Here we are! What beautiful hands you have, of course!