Maintaining your electric nail file is just as important as maintaining beautiful nails. Whether you're a nail technician or use your electric nail file at home, knowing how to properly maintain it can help ensure you're getting the best performance and efficiency from your equipment. Maintaining a electric nail file is not that difficult. We will share with you some tips & tricks to make maintaining your electric nail drill easy.

Maintenance tips for electric nail files

Do's & Don'ts of nail cutter maintenance:


  • It is not necessary to use lubricants on your milling machine. Usually nail cutters are built with self-lubricating bearings. Extra oil can generate too much heat, which can cause the machine to wear out and overheat.
  • Never immerse the handpiece of the electric nail drill in disinfectant. Doing so will damage the interior motor, causing it to fail.
  • Do not reverse your electric nail file while it is still rotating. Always turn it off before changing direction to prevent damage.


  • Use a fine cloth, microfiber and soft brushes to remove dust and dirt from small crevices in your device. When wiping with a damp cloth, always make sure your router is unplugged.
  • Gently and steadily hold your device without bending the handle. Note the angle of the drill cord.
  • Always remove the router bit from your router pin when you are done.
  • Make sure your bits are installed precisely to avoid loosening.

Routine checks of electricians

One of the most important parts of maintaining your nail drill is having it checked annually by a professional electrician. While your milling machine may seem fine on the outside, the electrical components inside can become loose, noisy, and dirty. Never wait for a problem to occur before taking your electric nailer to an electrician for a checkup.

A routine check of the nailer removes the handpiece and cleans the inside. Dust and filed nail clippings accumulate in the machine, which can cause it to malfunction and make strange noises. If parts need to be replaced, you will be notified and quoted for the repair.

How do you clean your milling machine?

Cleaning your electric nail file should be done after every use. Dirt and dust easily collect in the crevices of the router pin and router, which can hinder performance if the buildup becomes too much. The best way to clean your router is with a fine cloth or a small, soft brush. You can also use air to blow away the small particles after each use. *Remember to unplug your device before cleaning to avoid damage.

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